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        shanghai Yikai Metal Products Co.,ltd specializes in research & design, manufacture, sale and service of high quality anti X-ray radiation equipment included lead sheet , lead glass, lead door , barium sulfate, lead screen , lead glove and lead costume etc for Hospital , House top , Neculear Used place and other anti X-ray equipment . We are the biggest manufacturer in Shanghai based on our lead production capacity 10000 tons per year .With self-owned intellectual property, advanced processing technology, reliable software and hardware, the systems are made to meet customers’ variety and specific requirements. We can meet make them to your order and can do OEM &ODM.
        Adhering to the core value “integrity & innovation” and the quality principle “first-class quality, leading technology”, we passed ISO9001 quality system certification and occupation health safety certifications, all the products are CE approved. Rely on our core competitiveness Shanghai Yikai Metal Products ranks in the leading level of the lead industry world.
        Shanghai Rays focuses on latest technology and targets to social security requirements. We have offices & service centers in Central China, Eastern China, South China and North China domestically, and agents & partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, America etc. internationally. Our products are highly praised both at home and abroad .

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